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Construction Heats Up: Building & Renovating From Charleston To Folly


Blog_construction-heating-up-downtown-charleston-folly-beachCharleston SC is often called the Holy City due to the many church spires that dot the historic skyline.  More recently, they have been joined by a forest of cranes as building work has spread throughout the peninsula and beyond. Underneath that skyline change is underway all around the peninsula, in the form of urban infill in various stages of creation or renovation that slowly bolster the familiar streetscape.  Here is a quick overview of projects that our own LS Construction crews have on hand now, moving squarely into Q2 of 2018, that add to the bustling downtown Charleston and Folly Beach construction activity.

downtown builds

Neighborhood: Myzak Wraggborough; Judith Street

Project:  An extended Charleston Single, rather unloved and sinking to the rear, this home was in need of structural support, a new kitchen, and all new bathrooms.  The client seeks to get on the downtown property rental ladder and will rent for a few years before making this home their primary residence.

Neighborhood: Harleston Village; Short Street

Project: A small, artisan-built 19th century Charleston single, due for a major renovation with the addition of a large, modern, rear extension and small cottage-style ADU (Auxiliary Dwelling Unit) to the rear yard. A high specification contract, more akin to boat building than construction, as the home is of modest proportions so we need to apply creativity in maximizing every available space.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 4.16.43 PMNeighborhood: East Side; Nassau Street

Project: (See photo on left) A traditional 1850's Charleston single, elevated to meet FEMA Flood standards, and remodeled to create 4 single-bedroom, transitional housing units for Star Gospel Mission.  Building to be built to multi-occupational fire code and commercial grade fittings including fire rating and sprinkling.

Neighborhood: East Side; Nassau Street

Project: Arts & crafts style, late 19th-century family home built to house Cigar Factory workers.  Elevated from grade to FEMA Flood standards.  Internal space reconfigured from duplex back to a 3-bedroom single family home.  20th century additions stripped back to reveal original arts &crafts details and reconnect the streetscape with two additional existing homes by the same builder.  

Neighborhood: Elliotborough; St Philip Street

269 St Phillip_2

Project:  (See photo on right) Refurbishment of a 19th century Charleston single including new footings, elevation and complete internal and external renovation.  Difficult tight location with ongoing noise considerations from the home's proximity to the Septima Clark Parkway traffic.  Addition of new ADU home to the rear, built to reflect similar styling.  Will be constructed using SIPS panel construction due to tight building site, thermal insulation requirements and possible noise intrusion.  Addition of historic features to blend old and new construction and create visual interest.

Neighborhood:  East Side; Nassau Street/Hanover Street

Project:  Complete renovation of 4 historic homes including elevation to FEMA flood standards, internal and external refurbishment.  Addition of a single commercial space.  One new road to be established connecting the two streets, and 16 new construction, 3-bedroom homes constructed to the rear. 

Neighborhood: Avondale; Godfrey Park

Project:  Large internal remodel, attic conversion and extension, wet bar, floors and new stairs.

Neighborhood: French Quarter; State Street

Project:  Complete internal remodel of 1980's warehouse conversion.  Addition of historic features, beams, reclaimed heart pine floors, brick fireplaces, beadboard ceilings etc. to restore character to an otherwise bland sheetrock structure. 

Neighborhood:  Harleston Village; Logan Street

Project: Remodel of an historic downtown home, kitchens, bathrooms ... architectural drawings to come and details pending.

folly beach construction

E Hudson Ave.

Project: Two new, elevated single family homes as additions to our Luxury Simplified Retreats vacation rental portfolio.  To be executed with modular construction on driven piles, with well specified cementitious cladding, impact windows, hardwood decking for a high traffic commercial application.  Each home with a pool slightly elevated off grade, as we have proven that an onsite pool is highly valued among our vacation rental clientele.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 11.36.04 AM-1

E Erie Ave.

Project: (See photo on left) Major remodeling of a 1960's 4-bedroom house again, as an addition to the vacation rental market. Removal of overextended rear addition and reconnection of the duplex into a single family home.  Two large dormer additions to existing roof structure to reclaim internal space and add 3, second-floor bathrooms.  Complete internal remodel, an additional side porch and elevated pool to be added.

E Cooper/E Erie Ave.

Project: Four new, 1,450 sqft single-family homes one block off Center St.  Specifically designed to maximize common areas within a tight environment.  Second-floor bedrooms with very high ceilings to create visual space on a small floor plan.  Landscaped elevated gardens and pools.

Note:  Like very many of our colleagues in the Holy City, we are busy.  Each job lasting 2 to 8 months with many running simultaneously.  You would though, be surprised how fast time flies when buried in the projects themselves and we are always looking for new opportunities to fill that pipeline. So if you have a project in mind, we invite you to bring that along, and discuss how we can help it become reality.

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