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Downtown Charleston Renovation: When A Roof Starts To Collapse!

A few weeks ago we posted a blog highlighting a renovation project on St Philip St. in downtown Charleston.  That project...


A Diamond In The Rough: Challenges Of A Downtown Charleston Renovation

We like to think of ourselves as ones who can see the diamond in the rough, particularly when it comes to finding...


Construction Heats Up: Building & Renovating From Charleston To Folly

Charleston SC is often called the Holy City due to the many church spires that dot the historic skyline.  More recently,...


Renovating On Folly Beach: Know How FEMA's 50% Rule Applies

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was created to help manage and mitigate the many risks that can overwhelm...


The Importance of Value Discovery & Looking Beyond The "Cost Approach"

By Adam Copenhaver, Co-Founder/Owner at CopeGrand Homes, Guest Contributor

“What is my home going to cost?” and, “What...


5 Things That Deliver Big on Style in Your Kitchen Renovation

Small upgrades can make a big difference when it comes to renovating your Charleston kitchen. Whether you have purchased...