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Survival Bias Theory: How it Applies to Housing & Construction

Drive around the streets of downtown Charleston SC and you will see many examples of the cliché at the heart of our...


Flood Zones and New FEMA Proposals for Folly Beach SC

Folly Beach SC is a low-lying sea island on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline is always in flux and it has...


Building in Charleston: Creative Ways to Repurpose Construction Waste

Builders are notorious for rejecting materials that might usefully be repurposed.  Whether these materials accumulate in...


How City of Charleston Zoning Ordinance Can Affect Your Development

By Jake Libaire, Development Manager, Luxury Simplified Real Estate

When looking at a property with an eye toward adding...


What Will My New Home Cost to Build in Charleston SC?

If you want to experience a positional conversation then watch a first meeting between client and contractor discussing a...


Who's Afraid of the Big Bad BAR? - Getting Your Project Approved

In Charleston SC no one should be afraid to take their renovation project before the Board of Architectural Review (BAR),...