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What Will My New Home Cost to Build in Charleston SC?

If you want to experience a positional conversation then watch a first meeting between client and contractor discussing a...


Who's Afraid of the Big Bad BAR? - Getting Your Project Approved

In Charleston SC no one should be afraid to take their renovation project before the Board of Architectural Review (BAR),...


Building on Folly Beach SC: What to Know Before the Dreaming Begins

Drive down to Folly Beach, SC on a sunny day and you will find contractors busy creating new homes from one end of the...


Foundation Failure in Charleston Homes: What's The Cause?

One of the most pervasive issues we come across in our construction business in Charleston SC is foundation failure....


Renovating historic homes below FEMA Flood level

Charleston is famous for its downtown historic homes and districts.  About 100 years ago, very little attention was paid...


Lowering Build Costs At The Design Stage

We are now nearing completion of our new "eco home" build on 118 Line St in Charleston. We expect utility bills less than...