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Pride Week in Charleston SC - Everything Is Coming Up Rainbows

By Terry Bell-Aby, Realtor, CNE, Luxury Simplified Real Estate

In the 1930’s when Harold Arlen wrote “I love a parade”...

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Folly Beach SC: A Beachfront View As Tropical Storm Irma Comes Calling

Dispatch:  Monday, September 11, 2017 

First thing this morning it was obvious that something was awry.  The wood storks...

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Charleston SC: A City Spared as Hurricane Irma Headed West

Living in the lowcountry of Charleston SC comes with its travails. An Atlantic hurricane season that lasts from June 1...

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Hurricane Irma: Waiting & Watching in Charleston SC

Tick.. tick.. tick.., the inexorable progress of a monster storm is a metric that now resonates in our minds.  We know...

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Hurricane Irma and Its Effect on Charleston SC: What We Know Now

Like a thief in the night it steals a little piece of our consciousness. Silent and unnoticed is the ever present threat...

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Charleston SC: A Local's Guide To Charleston Beaches

Ask any local about life in Charleston SC and throughout the conversation, you’ll likely hear about time spent at one of...