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Luxury Simplified: 2017 - A Year in Review

As the whirlwind holiday season winds down and we prepare to say “Goodbye” to 2017 we think it’s fitting to take some...

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The Color of The Major Peter Bocquet House & The Art Of Lime Washing

When a bride randomly stands in front of your home for her wedding photography you must be doing something right. This...

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Luxury Simplified: A Look Back On 2016

There's nothing better than the clean slate of a new year and the opportunity to wonder what lies ahead.  Sure, there are...

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A Time To Give Thanks

This time of year is one where we start reflecting on the past year, appreciating our fortunes, and spending time with...

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A Charleston Thanksgiving & A Turkey Too Big for the Oven

By Donna Gustafson, Guest Contributor

I asked my friend Mary “ are you making a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for your...

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A Haunting Halloween Tale of 95 Broad St

We absolutely love working in the historic district, but what comes with the bewitching city of Charleston and our...