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Charleston SC: New Urban Renewal On The East Side

Nassau Street, bounded by Line Street to the north and Columbus Street to the south, lies also in the evening shadow of...


How To Build Property Wealth in Charleston SC

Purchasing real estate is a common process. First, you use a realtor to help you find the right home, then you organize...


Cash Flow from a Folly Beach SC Vacation Rental

A father's advice to his daughter on her wedding day was that "marriage should be viewed as a marathon, not a sprint."...


Charleston SC: Real Estate Investments - How to Measure Performance?

So you have researched the market, looked at some projects, attended a tax auction or two and read everything about...


How to Fund Your Charleston SC Vacation Rental Property

It's no secret that Charleston SC is an ideal vacation spot on the east coast and with that, a lucrative property...


Charleston SC: Benefits & Returns of Short-Term Rentals as Investment

There is much debate in Charleston SC around the merits of rentals deemed "short-term" or vacation rental. On the barrier...