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Custom Build Project in Palmetto Bluff: A Formula for Estimating Costs

Our custom home build at Palmetto Bluff is now nearing completion. The Garage/Carriage House is about two weeks out and the main house another 4 weeks or so. The speed it has happened has...

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Building in Palmetto Bluff: 10 Weeks and Interior Details Begin

This week marks nearly 11 consecutive weeks of construction on our project at Palmetto Bluff. The weather has been as hot as Hades not to mention about 8 inches of rain fell in a week turning the...
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Building in Palmetto Bluff: A Quick Pace and Managing the Timeline

Our build at Palmetto Bluff progresses on schedule, a result of careful planning and outlining expectations with crews and subcontractors at every step of the project.  The Gantt Chart shows it...
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