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Charleston SC:  An Affordable Housing Project Begins in Union Heights

These uncertain times push us all to consider just how we spend our days and to see our neighbors in a kinder light. Times are scary, and this post is the start of our story of how we are trying...

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Building in Palmetto Bluff: Staying Cool in a Steamy Southern Climate

As our custom build in Palmetto Bluff will be our primary residence, it is not an unreasonable goal to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In the mild climate of the lowcountry, warmth...

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Building in Palmetto Bluff: A Look Back at Construction Timeline and Costs

Our build at Palmetto Bluff is now in its final week or so.  We will update with a final blog on the finished home, but until then, I thought it would be useful to use this space to reflect on...
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